Lez get baked is pretty active around the Valley! We love to attend events supporting our friends, attend cannabis friendly events, and also helping the community. We do offer event, wedding, & Special discounts for LBGT Weddings! Contact us today for more information.


Taste the Black rainbow. Feb 7th, 2020

1st year Anniversary Celebration for Lez get baked, LLC.

1/20/2020 Whats Baking with Chef Steve. World Star Networks, on the Stoned Age Potcast.

Ep. 28 Grove Bags and What’s Baken and Live Audience Cooking Demo.

VoyagePhoenix Interview! Check it out.

Published January 7th 2020, Inspiring stories.
Check out the article here!


Las Posadas. Dec 2019.

Lez get baked, LLC won 2nd place in the medicated cookie contest!

Shawna & Sydney Wedding. Oct 2019.

Halloweed Fest. Oct 2019.

Halloweed was a dope ass experience. This was my first MMJ event as well as my first time being a vendor at an event. It was pretty dope to meet so many people in the industry! My team was amazing and I am so lucky to have so amazing people in my life. Thank you Discreet Treats Az for inviting us!

The Stoned Age Potcast

Since I’ve started diving deeper into the cannabis industry, I have met some amazing people & smoked with many of them! The host, Jeremy from Boosted Extracts is one of them; as well as, Stephen from D’Z Treatz & Delish Edible co. A few other people I have had the pleasure of meeting and smoking with was Renee with Sol Flower, DJ D Roc, Zach aka Marley Bob, and many others. We have had the opportunity to collab with D’z Treatz on a new product! Stay tuned for that.

Ep. 17 Renee With Sol Flower Dispensary 2019

Ep. 18 Happy Veterans Day 2019

Ep. 25 Mary Jane Smokewear 2020

AZ Hip Hop Festival

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