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Written by lezgetbaked

I am a full time student working on my BA in business administration scheduled to graduate in 2020. I am a free spirit, I LOVE cannabis and everything about it. Sativa is my favorite if you were wondering... ? I embrace all that is weird, different, and love helping people. I am as socially awkward as they come so starting this business has had its challenges. I have a life long goal to help foster kids and animals. My fiance and I volunteer as often as we can and eventually im working toward being able to provide some type of scholarship to children in foster care for working hard in school. I grew up in the foster care system and its no easy life. Helping others is what motivates me everyday. I've seen how the lives of people are changing around me and I don't want it to stop. I didn't have anything handed to me in life so I know what hard work looks like. My lady and I love to travel as much as possible! Mexico is our favorite place to go, its actually where I proposed to my lady.. Anywhere near water is heaven to me.

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