When Quality Meets Delicious, You Know YOUR Day is About to Turn Around.

Here at Lez Get Baked we focus on Quality, Flavor, & Sustainability within our packaging.  We want to show our customers we Love what we do, Love the earth, and Love ALL the people on it. One thing we know is the easiest way to someones heart is through their stomach! 

Who are we?

Lez get Baked, LLC was founded in 2019, in Phoenix AZ. We are a female owned company that is proudly part of the LGBT community. We believe in living a positive life, promoting self love, and also inspire others to follow their passions. Our products are made with a full spectrum CBD. We do not sell any THC products as of now. However, we do advocate for the medicinal use of Marijuana.

What can you find on our Website?

On our website you will find more than just product information. You will find information about Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD.  We know education is the most important part of anything new. SO, we wanted to empower you to educate yourself on CBD as it is in our products (Unless ordered Otherwise). Check out our Cannabinoids and Education page for more information. On our website you will also find pictures of events we have hosted, attended, and pictures of our life owning Lez Get Baked, LLC. We not only do a ton in the community, but we LOVE to TRAVEL! So, you will have to check it out!

Quality Meets Delicious Products.

Our Delish page showcases the products that are in season and available for purchase. We are always updating our menu so if you see something you like, ORDER IT! We also have the option for custom orders for products that are not available on the website. All you would need to do is send us an email (Lezgetbakedllc@gmail.com) or fill out the Special order request form. Otherwise just click the link below to check out the products we have ready to order. 

Quality Meets Delicious Menu Available, Here.

Now available on UberEats in Phoenix AZ, Click here to check us out.


-High Heals Confections.

High Heals Confections is a TV show that will teach the infusion process for both CBD and THC to the everyday homemaker. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone with any budget to infuse their food. Edibles can be expensive and everyone should be able to take advantage of the benefits that CBD and Cannabis offer. We will be infusing everything from Keto treats, to cannasugar, pastas, desserts, snacks, to a full on Christmas dinner!

-We are also working hard to start teaching Veterans here in the Valley how to do basic hemp infusions. We are looking forward to beginning classes here in the near future. It is not as easy as you would think to find organizations on board! But we finally found one and are waiting on the completion of their Commercial Kitchen.

-Collab with House of Jane. We will be creating a nano CBD infused Dessert and are exciting to bring you the benefits of Nano technology. To find out more about House of Jane, click here.

A Few Benefits of Hemp Based CBD.

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No MMJ Card Required .  We Do Not Sell Any THC products. We ship anywhere in the USA.

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