Welcome to our deliciously infused bakery.

Don’t lose your mind during the holidays, relax with one of our delicious treats.

If you love the finer things in life, you are definitely in the right spot. Our gourmet products focus on quality & flavor which set us apart in the industry. The highest dosed edible is not what is important to us, we want to provide delicious products that will allow our customers the ability to relax and enjoy their day after eating our products. With our perfectly balanced flavors, quality ingredients, and plastic free approach… we ensure our customers feel the love we put into each product. 

On our website you will find more than just product information. You will find links to learn more about cannabis & hemp.  You will also see pics from events we attend, traveling and SMOKE sesh photos! To check out a list of product you can special order click on Delish ish. There are product descriptions and ingredients for each product we offer. 

For a list of Featured products you can readily order click here

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No Card Required .  We Do Not Sell Any THC products.

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